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How are children placed at Austin’s House?

Most of the children at Austin’s House are placed there by the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services or by Native American Tribal Social Services.

How long do children stay?

Although emergency shelter care is generally defined as 30 days or less, children in the past several years have stayed an average of 48 days, with a range of stay from less than 1 day to more than 3 years. The longest stays are typically the result of complex cases and/or children who are difficult to place due to their behavioral or mental health issues or special needs.

Who cares for the children while they are at the shelter?

The staff at Austin’s House are trained and experienced at caring for children who have suffered trauma, and who often exhibit challenging behaviors as a result. Austin’s House is operated by caring staff who work closely with the placement agencies to ensure that each child’s needs are met until a more permanent placement can be identified or until family reunification can occur.

Do the children have access to school and other services?

When children arrive at Austin’s House, the top priority is to meet their immediate needs for shelter, food and emotional support. Local medical and dental practices partner with Austin’s House to provide well child physicals and dental checks without long waits. All of the child’s immediate and longer term needs for clothing, school supplies, and other necessities are provided. Literacy and education are top priorities at Austin’s House, and all school aged children are enrolled in school–typically within 1 day of being placed. Children typically remain in their school of origin if already enrolled.

Can parents visit with their children who are placed at Austin’s House?

When visitation with parents, other family members or friends is approved by the child’s caseworker, Austin’s House provides a visitation room, handles visit logistics, and monitors the visits as requested.

How do I find out about employment or volunteering to support Austin’s House?

For information regarding employment or volunteer opportunities, please contact the Executive Director at 775-267-6711.

Does Austin’s House accept donations?

Yes, Austin’s House relies on the support of the community through monetary donations, and in-kind gifts of supplies and services, including free or discounted labor and supplies for maintenance of the facility, scholarships or discounted tuitions for sports and other community clubs or activities, donations of food and other supplies, and support of birthday and holiday celebrations. Please contact the business office at 775-267-6711 for all donations.

How is Austin’s House funded?

Austin’s House must maintain adequate staffing to accept children 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Whether there is one child or ten children in residence, the operational expenses of maintaining a 24/7 facility must be met. Although Austin’s House receives fees for service for children in residence, these fees typically cover only about 50% of our operating expenses. The balance must be raised through individual, corporate, and foundation donations and fundraising.

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